Good News: We just opened 10 additional spots for our 2018 Summer Institutes! CLICK HERE TO APPLY.


Wayfinder’s summer training proved to be the most positively transformative training program I have ever undertaken as an educator. My entire outlook in arenas of my own life changed. The training reinforced my view that not only can we guide and support students to live meaningful lives, we can also affect so many more people through the projects and movements they create.
— Brent Kerehona - Cabramatta High School, Australia

Project Wayfinder is excited to announce our 2018 Summer Institutes. We will host two Summer Institutes: one at Brown University in June and another at Stanford University in July.

Our Summer Institutes equip educators to lead students on the Wayfinder Journey and reflect on their own path as wayfinders. Why come to the training?

  • You want to learn how to implement Project Wayfinder at your school or program
  • You want to experience the country’s leading purpose development curriculum
  • You want to improve advisory, counseling, or career development for your students 
  • You want to join a community of like-minded + meaning-making educators
  • You want new tools for social emotional learning, project based learning + 21st Century Skills

Our Summer Institutes provide you with the training you need to successfully implement Project Wayfinder in your classroom. The last day of the training will be dedicated to helping you develop a plan to incorporate the Wayfinder Toolkit into your organization. 

Where + When

  • Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA): June 28 - July 1, 2018
  • Brown University (Providence, RI): July 17-20, 2018


The program is open to high school educators, as well as limited spots for college educators interested in piloting our curriculum. Each training will host 50 educators. 

Summer Institutes are ideal for training 2-3 educators from a school or program. If you want to train a larger group of people from your school/program then it would be better to host an on-site training at your school.


An intensive 4-day training that prepares you to teach our Navigation Toolkit to your students.

    Important Dates

    • Jan 16th, 2018: Applications Open
    • Feb 19th, 2018: Early Round Applicants Due
    • Feb 23rd, 2018: Early Round Applicants Notified
    • April 1st, 2018: Final Applications Due
    • April 6th, 2018: Final Notifications

    Educators are highly encouraged to apply in our early-bird application round -- applying early gives you a greater change of acceptance. Early applicants will be notified by February 23rd whether they are accepted to the Institute, or moved to the Final Application Round for consideration. 


    Our Summer Institutes are $1100. This includes lunch + snacks. Lodging and dinner not included. We have a very limited number of scholarships which requires a separate application form



    Navigation Toolkit + Extensive Digital Resources

    Each educator in our training will be provided with a Wayfinder Navigation Toolkit and access to extensive digital resources through our Online Teacher Platform. You can read more about what is included in the Teacher’s Toolkit here.

    Diverse and Experienced Wayfinder Guides

    We have carefully selected and trained Guides with excellent facilitation experience and who embody wayfinding traits and values. Our Wayfinder Guides are located across the US and come with diverse experiences in areas including education, social work, meditation, wilderness education, activism and the arts. You can learn more about each of our Guides here

    First-Hand Experience as Wayfinders

    Your educators will get to fully experience 6-7 activities from our Navigation Toolkit, and will receive comprehensive overviews of the rest of the activities. Unlike most professional development workshops, our trainings encourage educators to connect deeply through sharing their own personal experiences, values, and visions.

    Practice Leading Students Through a Wayfinder Activity

    We invite students to participate in one of the training modules to give educators an opportunity to facilitate a Wayfinder activity from start to finish. After they complete the activity, educators hear feedback from students about their experience.

    Lesson Planning and School Implementation Support

    To conclude, teachers will spend time crafting their plan for implementing the Wayfinder curriculum in their classroom or advisory. Guides will be fully available to support in brainstorming or providing deeper insight into any of the Toolkit activities.

    Build Relationships with Other Meaning-Making Educators

    Fifty educators from all over the globe will join our Wayfinder community to share stories, build ideas, and support each other in bringing Wayfinder skills back to their schools and classrooms. Our Summer Institutes are just as much about deepening your sense of community as they are about developing tangible skills for facilitating the Wayfinder curriculum. 



    Day 1 Sample Schedule

    9:00–9:30 Introductions // Mindfulness
    9:30–10:30 Backstory // Overview of Curriculum
    10:30–12:00 Activity: Wayfinder Traits Pack
    12:00–12:30 Lunch
    12:30–1:00 Activity Preview: Centering Yourself
    1:00–2:30 Activity: Purpose Compass
    2:30–3:00 Debrief // Q+A
    3:00–3:30 Break
    3:30–4:30 Outdoor Design Thinking Challenge
    4:30–4:45 Meet Your Wayfinder Team
    4:45–5:30 Team Activity: Journey Map
    5:30–6:00 Debrief // Q+A // Closing

    Day 4 Sample Schedule

    9:00–9:30 Arrive // Mindfulness
    9:30–10:00 Becoming a Wayfinder Pilot Partner
    10:00–11:00 Shareouts from Current Pilot Partners
    11:00-12:00 Teachers As Designers: Planning Ahead 12:00–12:30 Lunch
    12:30–2:30 School Teams: Making a Plan
    2:30–3:00 Sharing Wayfinder Implementation Plan
    3:00–3:15 Break
    3:15–4:30 Debrief // Closing Ceremony

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