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Students recognize the utility of seeking guidance and support from others and gain tools to practice reaching out to potential mentors (crew members).


KEY WAYFINDER TRAIT: Intuitively Collaborative

ESTIMATED TOTAL TIME: ~ 105 minutes, recommended to break into 2 sessions (50m Parts 1 + 2, 55m Part 3)



intro video



While Wayfinders are curious and driven on their own, they also know the value of going through life with a community of support.  We want to equip students to be self-aware about what types of support they need and why, and to be capable relationship-builders who know how to seek guidance and support, and from diverse perspectives.  We want them to learn to develop their own thoughts and opinions through their own life experiences, but also to listen thoughtfully to mentors and guides they trust and who know them well.  We believe this is a big part of learning to Focus Outside the Self.

This activity would be especially useful to start at the beginning of a big project a student is launching.  It can be done as just a general exercise, but it’s easier for students to get in the mindset of considering what type of support they need if they can view it through the lens of particular project.  We hope that it spawns an interest in growing and maintaining a community of support throughout life, even beyond specific project work.

One of the most extreme environments for collaboration and teamwork exists in outer space. Astronauts rely daily on their fellow crew for a variety of types of support, knowing their very life may depend on it.  It might seem obvious that astronauts don’t voyage through space alone, but maybe less so when students are thinking about undertaking projects or careers in life.  We want students to know that they explore farther when they do so with the guidance and support of others, even on projects that are individual work.  

The format and content of this activity was inspired by a tool designed by the Experience Institute for their Leap Kit, which guides people to take on 90-day passion projects.  An essential element to success was identifying a Community of Support to tap into during your leap project.  We thank our friends at EI for letting us adapt the basic idea and structure for high schoolers.  One big piece we added (and which is heavily emphasized in the booklet) is how to actually go about finding sources of support when you don’t yet have that much of a network of adults/mentors, and then how to go about actually contacting them.  The real value of this activity lies in this piece of giving students the starting ideas and confidence to actually take action in reaching out.  We hope you give your students whatever small push is necessary to make sure everyone begins to practice this step.




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