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Thank you for being part of Project Wayfinder's pilot community this year! We feel very lucky to be working with 24 diverse schools across 10 states and 4 countries. Amongst these partners we have a community of 200 teachers and 3350 students. It is important to us that you feel part of that community and can connect with teachers at other schools who are using Project Wayfinder's toolkit this year.

connecting with other wayfinders

Below you'll find an interactive map highlighting all of the schools we will be working with this year. If you click on any of the blue tabs on the map you'll be able to see the school name, what type of school it is and a name and contact email. We hope that you can be a support to one another and share ideas around things you have tried that are working with your students. 

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We would love you to share images and ideas about your Project Wayfinder experience. You can connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at the links below.

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