Can I buy the toolkit without completing an educator training?

All educators who wish to purchase and use the Wayfinder Navigation Toolkit in their classroom or for their program must attend either our annual Wayfinder Summer Trainings or book on an on-site school training prior to implementing the curriculum. We do not sell individual toolkits.


Is it possible to do a 1-day training at my school?

We have found that two days is the minimum amount of time needed to effectively train educators to facilitate our Wayfinder Navigation Toolkit. These trainings include more than simply learning how to facilitate Wayfinder activities––they provide an opportunity for educators at your school to connect deeply around their journey as wayfinders themselves. See the Educator Trainings page for a sample schedule. 


When will you announce the dates and locations for the Summer 2018 trainings?

We will be announcing the dates, location, and cost of our Summer 2018 trainings in January 2018. Applications will posted at that time. We will be hosting one training on the west coast and one training on the east coast between mid-June and mid-July. Please sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date.


Can the Wayfinder Toolkit be adapted for middle-schoolers?

We are considering the development of a middle school curriculum for 2019. While parts of our current toolkit are middle school age-appropriate, the toolkit has been designed with high school students in mind. Please sign up for our newsletter to stay updated. 


Are the Student Navigation Toolkits included in the cost of training?

No. However, each educator in our trainings will receive a full Wayfinder Navigation Toolkit. Upon completion of a Wayfinder training, educators will be able to submit an order to purchase Student Navigation Toolkits for their classroom or program. We will be finalizing our pricing for the 2018-2019 school year in January 2018.


What is the cost of the Student Navigation Toolkit per student? 

We will be finalizing our pricing for the 2018-2019 school year by the beginning of 2018.


When can we book you for an on-site school training?

Our trainers will be available for on-site school trainings at high schools starting in March 2018. If you would like to bring us to your school for a 2-day training with the intention of rolling out Project Wayfinder at your school for the 2018-2019 school year, please fill out the following form and we will contact you shortly.

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