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Students put empathy at the core of their conversations by introducing, and then practicing, a human-centered approach to interviewing.  This is a two-part activity that starts in class, and is continued outside of class.


KEY WAYFINDER TRAIT:  Responsibility-seeking

ESTIMATED TOTAL TIME:  60 minutes to introduce the content in the Field Guide and practicing the techniques, followed by time outside of class doing empathy interviews.



intro video

Start the video at 3:50 for the Field Guide activity Intro Video.



The series of activities in the Field Guide are strongly influenced by our background in design thinking and human-centered design. These approached treat genuinely understanding the people you’re designing for as the foundation for real and meaningful innovation.  This activity is themed around how to get students to always seek out a “people perspective,” or in other words, how to frame ideas and issues on a human scale in terms of what they mean to actual people.  The last thing we want is for students to become more enamored with their own ability to provide a solution before they learn how to really identify what problems need solving.  As we state in our field guide,

“Wayfinders approach problem-solving and making impact with curiosity, humility, and open-mindedness.  They have a desire to learn from and collaborate with those involved, rather than seeing themselves as the solution.”


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