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Our education systems are failing our next generation.

A seemingly endless number of hoops are being imposed onto our youth: strict schedules, aggressive testing and relentless pressure to achieve high scores. By telling students that meeting extrinsic goals is the metric for a successful life, we are failing to support them in developing the intrinsic motivation crucial to a lead a fulfilling and meaningful life.

At Project Wayfinder, we believe that school has the possibility to be a transformative and profound experience for young people that sparks their passion and curiosity. To create such an experience, our schools need to nurture a sense of meaningfulness and emphasize why life is valuable. Project Wayfinder’s mission is to inspire our next generation to become intentional meaning-makers empowered to contribute to the world around them.

Founded at Stanford University’s d.school, Project Wayfinder has designed a 15-piece toolkit to equip students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to become purposeful navigators. Our toolkit is inspired by cutting-edge purpose research, wisdom and practices from native wayfinding traditions and our own personal experiences. We are currently piloting our toolkit with 22 partner schools across the US, Mexico, China and Australia and were recently featured in KQED's Mindshift.

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