What is purpose?

At the core of Project Wayfinder, we believe that humans have "multiple purposes" over the course of their lives. Rather than viewing purpose as a linear path with a final destination, we think that navigating a purposeful life is more akin to wayfinding––using experiential, reflective, and iterative processes to actively guide one’s journey.

Adolescence is the key developmental time to explore one's sense of purpose. Dr. Bill Damon, Professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, and Director of the Stanford Center on Adolescence, is one of the world’s leading researchers on purpose and human development. In his influential book, The Path to Purpose, Dr. Damon names two core components for purposefulness: the development of personal meaningfulness and a commitment to something bigger than one's self.

Using Dr. Damon’s research, we designed the Wayfinder Purpose Compass to get students thinking about how they can purposefully direct their lives in many different ways. Using this venn diagram compass, you can generate multiple purposeful projects that make sense to you:

Purpose Compass - image for website.png

Learn more about purposeful education from Project Wayfinder's founder, Patrick Cook-Deegan:

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