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“When I first gave my students the Project Wayfinder materials, they knew they had something special in their hands. I could tell I had struck curricular gold by the smiles on their faces, the depth of their responses, and the satisfaction that they felt doing something meaningful and purposeful.”
— Mike Among - Teacher, 'Iolani School

In collaboration with Stanford University’s, we have thoughtfully designed a 15-piece toolkit to equip students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to become purposeful navigators. The toolkit is composed of a set of beautifully designed paper materials printed on large format, recycled Kraft paper in partnership with our green certified printer. 



Our 15 activities are arranged in a sequence called the Wayfinder Journey Track, that builds on itself as it moves through three phases using a wayfinding metaphor:

Journey Track - 3 stages.001.jpeg


Five exercises designed to encourage students to look into themselves to understand who they are and what they value. Topics covered include:

  • Exploring our past
  • Understanding our values
  • Developing Wayfinder characteristics
  • Deepening gratitude
  • Learning to center ourselves



Five exercises designed to help students turn their attention to the world outside of themselves and start thinking about how they could fit into the larger landscape. Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the landscape of our lives
  • Building community
  • Looking at the world's needs
  • Developing empathy
  • Exploring purpose.



Five exercises to empower students to think about how they can put what they have learned into practice and embark on meaningful projects. Topics covered include:

  • Understanding your "shoulds"
  • Leaning into fear
  • Exploring your "why"
  • Navigating challenges
  • Trying new things



For two years, we worked to develop Ten Wayfinder Traits central to developing as a Wayfinder. This was a collaborative process with students, leading educators, curriculum designers, and dozens of interviews with purpose-driven people, backed by the latest research from the field. 

While our traits overlap well with core social-emotional learning competencies and 21st century skills, we chose them because our research showed that these traits are crucial for wayfinders to thrive internally and externally throughout the course of a lifetime.

  • Instinctively Purposeful
  • Deeply Grateful
  • Fluidly Adaptive
  • Keenly Self-Aware
  • Empathetic Connection
  • Fiercely Determined
  • Responsibility Seeking
  • Known for Integrity
  • Insatiably Inquisitive
  • Intuitively Collaborative


2018-2019 Student Toolkit Pricing

We price our curriculum per student, per year. Each of our Wayfinder Toolkits is enough material for 50+ hours of programming--this could be facilitated in an intensive semester, taught as a yearlong Wayfinder class, integrated into a standard English curriculum, and more.  Each of our toolkits comes in a beautifully bound booklet that students can keep with them for their lifetimes to look back on their personal development - a meaningful physical artifact in a digital world. 

  • 0-100 units: $50 per toolkit
  • 101-250 units: $45 per toolkit
  • 251-500 units: $40 per toolkit
  • 500-1000 units: $35 per toolkit
  • 1000+ units: please email us at to discuss your order. 

This means that each activity or hour of programming comes out to about $1 per hour. Purchase of the physical toolkit comes with digital teacher resources, extensive support from Project Wayfinder staff and access to our online educator community, described in detail on our Teacher Toolkit page.

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