When will I hear whether I have a place for the Summer Institute?

Early Application Notification Date: February 23, 2018
Final Notification Date: April 6, 2018

*Early applicants will be notified by February 23rd whether they are accepted to the Institute, or moved to the Final Application Round for consideration. 


How many educators will attend your Summer Institutes?

Stanford University, West Coast Summer Institute:

  • 50 high school educators

Brown University, East Coast Summer Institute:

  • 40 high school educators
  • 10 college educators


What types of organizations do you accept to the Summer Institutes?

We welcome applications from the following types of organizations:

  • High schools
  • Colleges & universities
  • After-school programs
  • Summer camps

*We do not accept applications from individuals or coaches. Please email us at info@projectwayfinder if you are wondering whether you are elgible to apply - happy to clarify!


Can middle schools apply for the 2018 Summer Institutes?

After much consideration we have decided not to accept middle schools at our 2018 Summer Institutes. We will be reconsidering this decision in 2019, but for now have decided to focus our efforts on building out our high school curriculum. 


Can colleges apply for the 2018 Summer Institutes?

Yes. If you are a college educator, you are welcome to apply to our East Coast Summer Institute at Brown University. We will not be accepting college educator applications for our West Coast Summer Institute.


Multiple people from my organization want to apply. Should we submit one application together?

Yes. Please submit one application per organization. We accept a maximum of three people per organization.


Does it help to apply with other people from my school/org?

Ideally you would come with 1-2 colleagues from your organization, however we have individual educators come and successfully piloted Project Wayfinder. It will give you a small but not decisive advantage to apply with at least one other person from your school/program.


What if I want to train a large group from my school/org?

For groups of more than 4 educators, it will be more affordable for you if Project Wayfinder comes to your school for an on-site training. We have led on-site trainings from groups ranging from 4-75 educators at numerous locations around the globe. Learn more about our on-site trainings here.


What materials are included in the price of the Summer Institute?

Each educator who attends a Summer Institute will receive a Teacher Toolkit. If you decide to implement Project Wayfinder at your school upon completing a Wayfinder training, you will need to purchase Wayfinder Toolkits for your students. 


Who will the staff be at the Summer Institutes?

Wayfinder's Lead Navigators - Patrick Cook-Deegan, Claudia Biçen and Alexx Temeña - will be leading the Summer Institutes along with 3-4 of our Wayfinder Guides


What options are there for accommodation near Stanford and Brown?

We will be booking group rate hotels for both locations that are near to our training sites. Approx. cost will be $150-$200 per night for a shared or single room at both trainings. If you are accepted we will email you a link to make your own bookings at the hotel. Hotels are in close proximity to each of our trainings.


For travel purposes, when does the training begin and end?

We will start each training after breakfast on the first day and end around lunchtime on the final day of training. If coming from out of town, it is suggested you come in the night before training begins. It would be safe to book a flight out of town anytime after 3pm on the final day of the training.


Are meals included?

Lunch and snacks throughout the day are included. Dinner is not included. 


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