TEacher toolkit

All Project Wayfinder teachers are provided with a Teacher Toolkit which is comprised of a physical Teacher Navigation Toolkit and access to extensive digital resources through our Online Teacher Platform. Together, these materials provide teachers with 55+ hours of in-class programming intended to be offered throughout the school year in 45 minute to 1 hour long lessons.


Teacher navigation Toolkit

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  • 20-PIECE NAVIGATION TOOLKIT printed on large format recycled Kraft paper, providing 30+ hours of in-class programming.

  • CLASS DESIGN WORKSHEETS accompanying each activity to help your educators incorporate their personal stories to design more meaningful class sessions for students.

  • JOURNEY TRACK outlining a suggested sequence for the Navigation Toolkit moving through the stages of Self-Awareness, World-Awareness and Empowered Action.

  • DESIGNER’S DECK containing 26 warm-up activities to use with students to help Build Community, Create Focus and Boost Energy.

Educators will receive their Teacher Navigation Toolkit at the beginning of the training they attend.


Online Teacher Platform

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  • FACILITATION GUIDES to inspire educators with ways to lead students through each activity.

         -   Background Information
         -   Suggested Flow
         -   Media, Story + Research Resources
         -   Additional Activity Ideas  
  • ADDITIONAL MEDIA to enhance the Project Wayfinder experience.

         -   Intro videos for each activity
         -   5-minute mindfulness recordings to use in Project Wayfinder classes
         -   Music playlists to use in Project Wayfinder classes
         -   Reading lists on purposeful education and wayfinding traditions.

These online resources provide educators with an additional 25+ hours of in-class programming. Educators will be provided with a link to create a login to our website where they will be able to access all of the digital resources. 

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