Our Wayfinder Programs are our core direct service offering, and give students a break from their usual routine to take time to deeply explore and reflect on their lives.

Inspired by the Hawaiian Star Compass, students reflect on anchor points that have gotten them through life "storms."

Inspired by the Hawaiian Star Compass, students reflect on anchor points that have gotten them through life "storms."

The Who, What, Where, When + Why

Wayfinder Programs are held at schools or youth development organizations during breaks, project weeks, intersessions, or alternative spring breaks lasting for 1, 3, or 5 days. Our programs are designed to be a “spark” on a student's journey to waking up in the world and discovering what makes them come alive.

Two months after the Project Wayfinder team have left, their impression and impact on the ISAK community is still felt. Our students are continuing to reap the benefits of pausing and reflecting, and truly understanding they are better people because of these practices. There is no doubt we have grown as a community after our Wayfinder Week.
— Rod Jemison, Founding Head of School, ISAK

From Awareness to Action

The programs are crafted to first help students first develop a better awareness and understanding of themselves. And then students are taught tools and practices to help them take more effective action in the world.

During the week, we also emphasize our 10 Core Wayfinder Characteristics. Each day we focus on 2-3 of them, designing that day’s activities around developing these specific values:

For example, in a three day program, we would focus one day on self-awareness, another on focus outside the self, and the last day on empowered ability to make things happen. You can see that each day we focus on developing three specific Wayfinder characteristics and skills.


What goes into a Wayfinder PROGRAM?

Our programs feature four distinct areas of content: mindfulness education, nature awareness, global citizenship, and design thinking. Research has shown that these four program areas to be some of the most effective means to help students develop a sense of purpose. Each of our teachers has specialization in one or more of these areas of expertise.

Click here to see a sample of a 3-day and 5-day Wayfinder Program Schedule.


What do students get out of IT?



You can see many more of the activities and tools we used throughout the week on our Wayfinder Navigation Toolkit page.



If you or your school are interested in participating in a Wayfinder Program, please contact us!  We will start booking our 2017-2018 programs in March 2017.