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Students proactively name the traits they want to grow so they can define their own learning pathway through our curriculum.


ESTIMATED TOTAL TIME:  ~ 95 minutes for the Traits Pack activity, and ~ 100 minutes to kick off the 4 Corners Canvas and Experiment Cycles 

MATERIALS NEEDED: Scissors and tape for Traits Pack; 3x3 post-it notes for 4 Corners Canvas


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This is a very simple but profoundly powerful activity that invites students to think through, name, and define the characteristics, skills, and traits they most want to grow in during their high school years.  By defining their own areas for growth and things they want to work on, it makes this experience about them and gives them the agency and autonomy to make the Wayfinder curriculum their own.  

The Wayfinder Traits Pack activity will get students thinking about the core characteristics and skills they feel they will need most to go through high school as a wayfinder.  You'll be able to introduce the 10 Wayfinder Traits upon which all of our tools and curriculum are built, and have students look for connections between our traits and theirs so that they are even more engaged with our content. 

Our intent is that this activity will be revisited several times throughout a student’s wayfinder journey via the 4 Corners Canvases and 4 Corners Experiment Cycles (both of which you'll find in the digital resources folder for this lesson). These materials provide structure for a student to intentionally try new behaviors related to growth in their traits. We have made these two materials available for download so that you can print as many as you need for your students.


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