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agreements + experiments

At the start of your Wayfinder Toolkit you will find our "Community Agreements" and "Social Experiments" pages. These tools are intended to be blended into ALL Wayfinder classes. 

community agreements

The Wayfinder Toolkit is always taught within a group of students and it is essential that all students feel safe, witnessed and welcomed in their Wayfinder community. An essential component of creating such a space is recognizing and honoring community agreements.

We have created a set of Wayfinder "Community Agreements" which we believe are core to thriving and purposeful communities.

Please share these with your students and feel free to ask your students to add others they would like to include. These agreements are intended to be returned to throughout the Wayfinder journey.


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A core part of wayfinding is trying out new ways of thinking, seeing and doing. It is one thing to write and talk about the "big questions", and another to really explore them experientially in your daily life.

All Wayfinder activities are accompanied by suggested social experiments to help students more deeply explore the topic. These experiments are intended to be completed during the time between Wayfinder classes.  

Your students should log their experiments (what they did, what they learned, etc.) on the "Social Experiments" pages at the front of their Wayfinder Toolkit. 

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Each Wayfinder Social Experiment is designed to cultivate a different Wayfinder Trait: 

  1. INSTINCTIVELY PURPOSEFUL: You chart your own pathway. You travel with a self-defined vision that comes from an internal source of motivation. 

  2. DEEPLY GRATEFUL: You have a humble appreciation and reverence for the people and the world around you.

  3. FLUIDLY ADAPTIVE: You are comfortable navigating ambiguity and are able to deal with uncertain situations. 

  4. FIERCELY DETERMINED: You persevere. Period.

  5. KEENLY SELF-AWARE: You understand yourself on many levels, from how you function to what nourishes and sustains you.  

  6. RESPONSIBILITY SEEKING: You care about and are invested in the world around you, including your immediate community, your global community, and the natural world. Your empathy for others makes you tuned into ways you can help.

  7. BOLDLY EXPERIMENTAL: You are action-oriented, driven by curiosity, and have a willingness to fail.  

  8. KNOWN FOR INTEGRITY: You are honest, responsible, and trustworthy. Your actions are driven by your values even when it is challenging. 

  9. INSATIABLY INQUISITIVE: Your curiosity drives you to constantly pursue new knowledge. You are open-minded and unafraid of expanding your horizons.

  10. INTUITIVELY COLLABORATIVE: You are a relationship-builder who constantly seeks out guidance and support from diverse perspectives and who listens thoughtfully.


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