Please fill out one application per school/program. If you are applying with colleagues from your school/program, please submit this form once.

We suggest that you answer the following questions in a separate document, and then copy & paste your responses into the application below. 

  1. Why do you want to bring Wayfinder to your school? What are the struggles of your students that Wayfinder could address? What are the opportunities, strengths, and resources available at your school that would support this? (200 word limit)

  2. How do you envision the Wayfinder curriculum being used at your school/program? Don’t worry about being precise—feel free to write down ideas. (200 word limit)

  3. Is there anything specific we should know about your school or your student population? (150 word limit)

  4. What is the ‘why’ that motivates you in your life? What about your personal journey resonates with Wayfinder? Please submit a separate paragraph by each educator applying from your school/program. (250 word limit each)

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Don't worry about being precise––feel free to write down your ideas.
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**For educators requesting scholarship funding: please fill out this scholarship request form after you have completed your Institute application. Each educator must fill out their own scholarship request form.

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