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National Outreach Director

Casey Pettit is a licensed clinician who has spent the past decade coaching non-clinical educational professionals on how to create safe, empowering spaces to foster deep meaningful relationships with their students.

She spent much of her career working alongside the leading researchers in Positive Psychology, specifically aiming to integrate strengths- and purpose-based curriculums that empower students and teachers to dictate their own unique journeys and foster a deep sense of meaning.

She spent 7 years as the Senior Program Director of an intensive whole-person mentoring program in Boston, Summer Search, where she coached and trained a team of 25 staff to apply the theories of purpose development into 1:1 long term relationships with students who are the first in their families to attend college.

It was working with major donors at Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains that solidified just how universal the pursuit of purpose is, spanning socio-economics and the many factors that inform our individual and collective identities. Her role was to build a bridge between supporters' deep sense of purpose and their agency in contributing to the broader needs in the community around them.

She is endlessly passionate about deepening and personalizing the experience of education for young people across the country.

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