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additional resources to help you implement wayfinder in your classroom and navigate common roadblocks

Here you will find resources that our Director of School Engagement will be curating throughout the school year based on the ongoing feedback received directly from educators implementing Wayfinder. These best practices and tips can be downloaded in the common roadblocks resource google drive and are based on frequently asked questions and challenges partner schools come up against at some point along the journey. Through this work we have found that being proactive rather than reactive makes for a deeper and meaningful experience should any roadblock or challenge arise.

Common roadblocks include but aren’t limited to the following questions:

  • What is purpose?

  • How do I have difficult conversations?

  • How do I respond when a microaggression occurs in class?

  • How do I respond to trauma?

  • What do I do when students aren’t talking?

  • How do I share my story?

  • How do I create a safe and brave spaces?

  • How do I transform my classroom to make it feel different when I run Wayfinder?

  • How do I facilitate?

  • How do I connect with my students more meaningfully?

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