Director of Alternative Learning Community

Job Duties

Work with institutions within the Alternative Learning Community that offer education and youth development programs; Serve in and administrative or supervisory capacity with regards to education and youth development;Work in economically, racially, and ethnically diverse environments; Develop curricula and design systems for evaluating curricular effectiveness; Train teachers and facilitators on curriculum implementation; Collaborate with local community organizations and leaders in assessing local needs and designing engagement strategies; Compile and evaluate relevant research literature on youth development, social engagement, and minority youth identity.


1-2 times per month and all travel within the United States.

Special SkillS

Familiarity with software for developing, using, and modifying surveys to gather organized feedback; Familiarity with software used to perform quantitative and qualitative analyses for program evaluation.


Masters degree and 36 months of experience


$121,000 depending upon qualifications, plus employee benefit plan.

Mail résumé to Patrick Cook-Deegan at Project Wayfinder, LLC 1300 Evelyn Ave. Berkeley, CA 94702.

If you are interested and/or have questions please email us at

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