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All Wayfinder activities are accompanied by a Facilitation Guide to inspire you with ways to lead your students through the class. You can download a folder with all the Facilitation Guides using the button on "Teacher Resources Overview" or download each one individually using the activity tabs to the left. 

Each Facilitation Guide is designed as a 45-60 minute lesson and is broken into four parts:


Each lesson opens with an experiential activity to get students to consider the topic from an immediate and embodied perspective.


Students are then given the opportunity to explore the topic by writing down their ideas and views on paper. 


Next, students share their ideas with others. A variety of partner, small group and class wide discussions are encouraged.


All lessons end with a social experiment which are meant to deepen students’ understanding of the topic by experientially integrating it into their life.

0. Community Agreements

1. Intro: Trail Guide

2. Purpose Compass

3. Building Your Boat

4. Navigation Markers

5. Journey Map

6. Tracking Your Past

7. Traits Pack

8. Your Support

9. Reading the Clouds

10. Gratitude Island

11. Centering Yourself

12. Your Backpack

13. Your Constellations

14. Mapping Your Buoys

15. Observing the Ocean

16. Braving the Unknown

17. Field Guide

18. Digging Deep

19. Finding Polaris

20. Root to Rise

21. Project Launch

22. Problem Landscape

23. Purpose Compass

24. Project Sketch

25. Planning for Sunset

26. Project Toolbelt

27. Prototype Check-In

28. Project Showcase

29. Project Journey

30. Making a Map

31. Charting Your Voyage

32. Letter to Your Future Self

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