How Finding The 'Ultimate Why' Can Benefit Your Parenting

NBC NEWS LEARN We all want the best for our children.  This starts early. We research the best crib mattress, the best preschool, the best enrichment opportunities.  The pressure intensifies as we talk with other parents about their plans, and while we nod and smile, we secretly start to doubt ourselves.  Wait, what if I made the wrong choice about “X”?  The words should, could, and would enter our thinking and we start to spin into unproductive spaces that leaves us AND our child out of the process. Instead, we are left with our anxieties taking control.  

No wonder you feel overwhelmed.  In your effort to love and care for your child, you may have made the biggest mistake of all, forgetting to connect with your child and what really matters.  

It’s not your fault.  We live in an era of professionalized parenting.  The word “parenting” didn’t even enter into our lexicon until the 1970’s when the act of being a parent was studied and analyzed in a whole new way.  We unconsciously moved from child rearing being an intuitive to a scientific endeavor and in that shift, we’ve lost an important connection to our instincts about what is best for our child.  On top of that, our culture can be characterized by one guided by anxiety.  Some of this anxiety is grounded in real worries about the state of the world, the economy, and our climate, but many of our anxieties are self-imposed and waste our precious time and energy that could be spent elsewhere.  What our kids need the most from us as caregivers is not more coaching and guidance of how to sharpen their edge, what they need instead is your wisdom, your presence, and your love. A deep and unwavering sense of connection is what grows brains and what will set your child up for what you want most of all: lasting happiness and fulfillment

As parents overly focus on what they are doing with their kids, and how, given their busy lives, they can make that happen, a critical question is often not addressed: Why are you doing this? Why are you working so hard to provide these resources and opportunities to your children?

More specifically: What is your purpose as a parent? READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE HERE…

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