CURRIULUM implementation 

Interested in implementing the Wayfinder Toolkit in your school or program? Below is an outline of how we work with our partner schools to implement our curriculum. 

Implementation Process x1.png


Wayfinder Minimum Wayfinder Standard Wayfinder Optimum
Length of Wayfinder Class 45 min sessions 1 hour sessions 1.5 hour sessions
Frequency of Wayfinder Classes Every other week Once a week Once a week
Student Grade Level Grade 9+ Grades 10-12 Grades 11-12
Class Size Up to 30 students Under 20 students Under 12 students
Wayfinder Curriculum Timeline Semester 1 year 2 years
Teacher Opt-In Not necessarily* Yes Yes
Student Opt-In Not necessarily Not necessarily Not necessarily

* In our experience, our curriculum is more successfully implemented in schools where teachers opt-in to teach it.



All Wayfinder educators must first attend a Wayfinder Educator Training. There are three ways to do this:

1. Book a 2-Day On-Site Training

Hosting an On-Site Training is the best option if you have 6 or more educators that would attend the training. On-Site Trainings are ideal for educational organizations that are ready to implement Project Wayfinder with their students.

Read more about On-Sites Trainings here


2. Attend a Wayfinder Summer Institute

Attending a Summer Institute is a better option if you have 5 educators or less that would attend the training. Summer Institutes are a great way to explore Project Wayfinder, gain firsthand experience with our toolkit, and meet other schools working on purpose learning. This is a great option for:

  • Small groups of educators who want to prototype Wayfinder at their school before rolling it out on a wider scale.
  • Individual teachers who want to implement Wayfinder in their classroom. 

Read more about our Summer Institutes here


3. Attend a Summer Institute AND book an On-Site Training

A number of our partner schools send a couple of their faculty to a Wayfinder Summer Institute before hosting an On-Site Training for their wider faculty later in the year. This is a great option if you want to get a better understanding of whether Project Wayfinder is a fit for your school before implementing it with your faculty.



  • Firsthand experience with at least 6 core Wayfinder activities
  • Access to your own Wayfinder Teacher Toolkit
  • Work with our diverse and experienced Wayfinder Guides from across the globe
  • Practice facilitating a Wayfinder activity
  • Hands on experience with the Design Thinking process
  • Better understanding of Purpose Learning
  • Lesson planning and school implementation support
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