A simple thank you feels insufficient to capture the gratitude that I feel for the amazing training experience had by our team. I was so encouraged watching our faculty explore and build excitement for Project Wayfinder. I appreciate our guides for giving of themselves, for sharing some of their stories, and for making space for our team to get to know each other and strengthen our relationships.
— Kimberly Townsend, School Director, Crossroads College Prep

Teaching can be as stressful as an emergency room. 46% of teachers report high daily stress, which compromises their health, sleep, quality of life, and teaching performance. This drives teacher burnout and in turn educators leave the profession. Not only does stress impact them but impacts student wellbeing and achievement.

Introducing organizational and individual interventions helps mitigate stress in the workplace and builds better relationships among teachers and students.

Programs and initiatives that provide relevant professional growth opportunities, teacher collaboration during work hours and school leaders taking responsibility in fostering a positive work environment all lead to healthy outcomes.


We offer a range of faculty- wide, team-specific, and administrative professional development workshops, ranging from hour-long to multi-day sessions that focus on:


Our highly experiential and interactive workshops build upon cutting-edge academic research and principles from human-centered design. We draw upon practices of wayfinding navigation traditions as a metaphor for wayfinding life with purpose.

Whether you need time to re-think your personal path or infuse purpose into your workplace, Wayfinder workshops will help guide you. I felt a renewed connection to my work and left with frameworks, guiding questions and
tools that allowed me to implement meaningful exercises with my team.
— Lydia Phillips, Participant, ReThink workshop at SAP.iO

Sample Schedule for PD WITH WAYFINDER

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