Outreach Lead

Skylar is building a career at the intersection of education, outreach, and life design. She is driven by the belief that every individual should be empowered with tools, frameworks, and life experiences to pave their own path. At Project Wayfinder, Skylar is responsible for scaling the reach of the purpose-learning movement as West Coast Outreach Lead.

Skylar was in the inaugural cohort of the University of South Carolina’s International Business Education Alliance (IBEA) where students from 8+ countries complete coursework and corporate projects in Germany, Brazil, Singapore, and the US. The program is designed to ensure placement in top management consulting firms. During her time on the program in Germany, Skylar came to a major realization: her program lacked self-reflection and time to investigate personal values. Students were not encouraged to investigate what was important to them or why they should want a career in management consulting. Rather than continue with a program that did not provide the depth she sought, Skylar decided to seek another path forward.

This decision led to Skylar’s admittance to MissionU, the most selective higher education program in the country at the time (featured in WSJ, Inc., and Fast Company). By participating in MissionU’s first cohort as a fellow and intern, Skylar learned how to use data to support student and organizational enhancement. Since her time at MissionU, she has helped recruit students at YearOn, was an admissions consultant for Make School before seeking out Project Wayfinder as a way to help students like her explore their own path earlier in life.

Skylar is a native of Minnesota where she was the captain of her high school lacrosse team and is an avid Spartan racer - where she gets muddy running through obstacle courses.


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