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teacher toolkit

The Wayfinder Navigation Toolkit was not designed to be a "plug-and-play" type curriculum.  We created the tools in this section to help guide and support you in crafting the most powerful experience possible for your students. Here's an overview of the 4 key tools in our Teacher Toolkit:



This letter from the Project Wayfinder Team to you, our Wayfinder Teachers, welcomes and invites you to embrace the mindset of a designer and prototyper as you go on this journey with your students.  You can find a copy of this letter here in your Pilot Partner Digital Resources folder. 


wayfinder JOURNEY MAP

We created our Wayfinder Journey Map activity as a way for teachers and guides to begin to reflect on their own life experiences through the lens of being a wayfinder.  

For students to become energized about wayfinding, they need to be guided by someone who is excited and willing to share their own personal life experiences and stories.  We believe every human has elements of a wayfinder journey in their own life path, and that those stories have the potential to be incredibly inspiring for students.  Give yourself some time and space to thoughtfully go through this activity.  Remember, the value is in the process, not the outcome.  We don't expect you to share the finished document with your students, but rather come away feeling energized about certain stories or chapters of your own life that you could bring into the classroom.

We give students the opportunity to do the same Wayfinder Journey Map as part of the Toolkit (paired with the Tracking Your Past activity), so you could also choose to share parts of your own journey then.  You can find a copy of the Journey Map here in your Pilot Partner Digital Resources folder.



We created Facilitation Guides for each activity to inspire you with ways to lead your students through an activity, and to help you feel confident in making it your own.  

These Guides include a "suggested flow" and timing for our various activities, but they are intended to be guides, not lesson plans.  In combination with the "Media and Story Resources" and "Additional Activity Ideas" sections on each individual Toolkit page, they are there to help you design and build a class session that feels right for your students.

All of the Facilitation Guides and accompanying materials can be found here in your Pilot Partner Digital Resources folder. You can also learn more about each activity on our individual resource pages using the navigation menu to the left. All our Facilitation Guides are in Google Doc format and we encourage you to leave comments, ask questions, suggest ideas, and leave feedback directly in the documents.


class design worksheets

We created the Class Design Worksheet as a way for you to think through how to incorporate your own personal point of view and stories to craft more meaningful class sessions for your students. You can find the Class Design Worksheet here in your Pilot Partners Digital Resources folder.

We strongly encourage you to do all our Wayfinder activities yourself first, or even better, invite a few colleagues or students to join in the prototype with you. After going through it personally, this tool helps you reflect and process your experience, so that you best prepare for how you want to shape it for your students.  What would you change?  What would you emphasize more?  What would you pair it with?  What stories (your own + others') will make it come alive and frame the activity?  This tool will help you think through many of these considerations.  


designer's deck

We strongly believe it's important to design the details.  As the teacher and creator of Wayfinder experiences, your role is not just to deliver the content, but to create the right context and environment for the content to become transformative for students.

Designer's Deck.jpg

You want to create a different mental space by designing the details of the class with intention. This Designer’s Deck provides you with short activities that you can use during a class session to create the atmosphere you want. The activities in this Deck, which ship with the student Toolkit, can help you Boost Energy, Build Community, or Create Focus.  You can find a copy of our Designer's Deck here in your Pilot Partner Digital Resources folder.

How else could you leverage the following elements in creating a different feel?

  • Space
  • Posture
  • Being outdoors
  • Music
  • Light
  • Furniture
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