TEacher toolkit

All educators who implement Wayfinder in their classroom are provided with a Teacher Toolkit. The Wayfinder Teacher Toolkit is comprised of:

  • Your own personal Wayfinder Toolkit
  • Access to extensive digital resources through our Teacher Resources Portal
  • Optional add-on coaching and classroom visits

These materials provide 32+ hours of in-class programming intended to be offered as hour-long lessons throughout the school year. 




    Facilitation Guides

    Comprehensive lesson plans for each Wayfinder activity:
         -   Background Information
         -   Experiential activities to open all lessons
         -   Group discussion questions
         -   Social experiments to explore each topic
         -   Media, Story + Research Resources
         -   Additional Activity Ideas  


    Additional Media

    Deepen the Wayfinder classroom experience with our multimedia resources:
         -   5-minute mindfulness recordings
         -   A set of 26 quick warm-up activities (two examples in the photo gallery above)
         -   Music playlists to Create Focus, Build Community and Energize
         -   Curated lists of articles, books, podcasts, films + art


    School support packages

    Our add-on support packages offer our school partners extensive support and coaching throughout the year including:

    • Phone coaching 
    • On-site visits
    • Ongoing professional development
    • Co-hosting community events
    • Parent Q+A sessions
    • Discounted registration to Summer Institutes
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