Our goal is to use design thinking methods and an experimental, prototype-led process to innovate new ways that high school can develop students, parents, and educators into self-reliant, purposeful wayfinders.


the HOW of navigation (vs. the destination)

We define wayfinding as using an experiential, reflective, and iterative process to actively guide one’s learning journey toward a path of purpose.  

More important than the end destination is the wayfinder person, along with the process he or she uses to self-navigate:  the tools, behaviors, and mindsets needed grow into a successful wayfinder equipped to pursue a path of purpose.

Thus far, we have come up with seven guiding principles that align with our vision of students becoming wayfinders, not excellent sheep:

EXTERNAL: Experiences + Exposures

1.  Take Students Out into the World
2.  Teachers = Mentors and Coaches, or Guides
3.  Foster Collaboration

INTERNAL: Reflection + Insights

4.  Start with the Why?
5.  Value the Inner Lives of Students
6.  Learn from Failure


7.  Prioritize Internal Motivation over External Achievement


These 7 guiding principles support an ongoing cycle of experiences in the both the external and internal worlds.

Project timeline

Fall 2015 - Empathy & Inspiration

Fall was an empathy deep dive into the world of high school.  

  • We spoke to about two dozen students, parents, and teachers in Palo Alto with the goal of understanding the deepest, most core needs of students.  
  • We shadowed several students for a day at school to walk in their shoes and immerse ourselves in their world.

We also dove deeply into secondary sources to explore broader trends, research, and sources of inspiration across both existing educational models and in the newly sprouted purpose-driven curriculum field.


Winter 2016 - Ramping up Prototyping

Winter has been a season of launching and ramping up our prototyping efforts based on insights uncovered in the fall.  You can read more about the 5 questions guiding our prototypes on our Experiments Overview page.  From wrestling with questions over alternative evaluation methods, to exploring the most essential tools and curriculum at the center of a purpose-driven school, we are excited to be in a season of prototyping!


Spring 2016 - Scaled Prototypes

Spring will be about scaling up our prototypes, and that’s where we need your help. Visit our Experiments Overview page to learn how you can join in our spring prototype season.


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