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Living with purpose means directing attention towards efforts that are both personally meaningful and impact the world beyond yourself. Our Purpose Toolkit guides students through a step-by-step process to uncover what matters to them so they can navigate their lives with purpose.


The journey begins with offering students a new approach to navigating their lives by debunking myths of success and exploring what it means to head in a purposeful direction. The lessons in this chapter are meant to set the groundwork for the toolkit with an emphasis on building community.

Chapter Outcomes

  • Students will develop a sense of belonging with their classmates

  • Students will explore the beliefs they hold about what a successful life looks like

  • Students will understand that life is about intentional direction not default destination

SELF DISCOVERY - what is personally meaningful?

Living purposefully means engaging with what is personally meaningful. Students begin to explore who they are and what matters to them. To determine where they want to go on their journey, students reflect on their past experiences, what they love to do, their strengths, and their values.

Chapter Outcomes

  • Students will explore how their life experiences have shaped who they are

  • Students will acknowledge and share parts of their personal identity

  • Students will identify personal strengths, what they love to do, and their core values

BEYOND SELF - what matters outside of yourself?

Living with purpose also means serving the world beyond yourself. This chapter emphasizes our interdependence by connecting students to gratitude, awe, empathy, and compassion. Students then learn tools to support them to uncover how they might contribute to something beyond themselves.

Chapter Outcomes

  • Students will cultivate gratitude and awe as a foundation for prosocial intention

  • Students will practice compassion and empathy by exploring personal challenges

  • Students will explore their personal lens on the world to identify challenges

  • Students will identify needs they care about by noticing their emotional responses

  • Students will discover the deeper “why” behind an issue they care about

STEP INTO LIFE WITH PURPOSE - Reimagining Your Future

Equipped with self knowledge and a deeper “why,” students practice generating purposeful project ideas and learn a framework for making purposeful decisions. To close, students share the story of their purpose journey with their community.

Chapter Outcomes

  • Students will generate purposeful project ideas

  • Students will apply a purposeful decision-making framework to life choices

  • Students will share their purpose journey and make commitments to their future

PURPOSE SUPPORTING TOOLS - What can support you along the journey?

These tools will support students along the Wayfinder Journey to build a support network, explore their emotions, practice gratitude, and work with fear and discomfort.

Chapter Outcomes

  • Students will identify people in their life who support them in different ways

  • Students will cultivate emotional awareness and develop strategies for self-regulation

  • Students will engage in a process of cultivating gratitude

  • Students will process fears and limiting beliefs that hold them back from their goals

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