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2019-2020 Teacher Digital Resources will be
available for download on august 1, 2019

In collaboration with Stanford University’s, we have thoughtfully designed a 32-piece toolkit to equip our next generation with tools to unleash purpose in their lives and meaningfully contribute to the world they are a part of. Our toolkit is currently being taught by 200 teachers to more than 4000 students at 56 schools and colleges across the US and in 11 countries. We are excited to have you as navigators alongside us.

The toolkit is composed of a set of beautifully designed paper materials (printed on 100% recycled paper) accompanied by extensive digital resources including facilitation guides, meditation recordings, additional activities, music playlists and reading lists. These materials will provide you with 32-60 hours of programming intended to be offered throughout the school year.


awareness to action

Purpose is a commitment to something that is both meaningful to the self and of consequence to the world beyond the self. Therefore, before students engage in purposeful projects, we think it is important for them to develop both an awareness of themselves and the world around them. Our curriculum is structured to move students from awareness to action through 3 high-level phases:

Journey Track (June 2018).png



Our toolkit is laid out as a set of 32 "big questions" which are arranged in a sequence called the Wayfinder Journey Track.



Students are introduced to some core concepts. 

  • Trail Guide: What is a meaningful life?

  • Purpose Compass: What is purpose?

  • Building Your boat: What do we value?

  • Navigation Markers: What is wayfinding?



Students look into themselves to understand who they are and what they value. 

  • Journey Map: What is my story?

  • Tracking Your Past: Where did I come from?

  • Traits Pack: What characteristics do I value?

  • Your Support Crew: What support do I have + need?

  • Reading the Clouds: What do my emotions feel like?

  • Gratitude Island: How can I deepen gratitude?

  • Centering Yourself: How can I recalibrate my emotions?

  • Your Backpack: What resources do I have + need?



Students turn their attention to the world outside of themselves and start thinking about how they fit into the larger landscape. 

  • Your Constellations: What are parts of my identity?

  • Mapping Your Buoys: What journey am I expected to take?

  • Observing the Ocean: Where did I learn my values?

  • Braving the Unknown: What holds me back from new paths?

  • Field Guide: How can I learn from others?

  • Digging Deep: What do I care about?

  • Finding Polaris: Why do I care?

  • Root to Rise: How do I fit into the world?



Students put what they have learned into practice and use design thinking principles to embark on a team project. 

  • Project Launch: What do we want to work on?

  • Problem Landscape: How can we understand the problem?

  • Purpose Compass: What is our purposeful project?

  • Planning for Sunset: How do we make this project happen?

  • Project Crew: How will we work together?

  • Project Toolbelt: What tools can we use?

  • Prototype Check-in: How do we mark progress?

  • Project Showcase: How do we share our project?



Students end their Wayfinder journey by looking forward.  

  • Project Journey: What did our project teach us?

  • Making a Map: How else could I follow purpose?

  • Charting a Voyage: How do I get started on new projects?

  • Letter to my Future Self: What do I want to tell my future self?

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