“When I first gave my students the Project Wayfinder materials, they knew they had something special in their hands. I could tell I had struck curricular gold by the smiles on their faces, the depth of their responses, and the satisfaction that they felt doing something meaningful and purposeful.”
— Mike Among - Teacher, 'Iolani School

In collaboration with Stanford University’s d.school, we spent three years thoughtfully designing a 32-piece toolkit to equip students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to become purposeful navigators of their lives. Wayfinder Toolkits are designed to be taught in high schools, colleges and other educational organizations as a year-long, weekly program.

In designing the toolkit we drew upon purpose development research, brain science, interviews with "purpose exemplars," and practices from native wayfinding traditions. The Wayfinder Toolkit is offered as beautifully designed bound booklet printed on large format, recycled Kraft paper in partnership with our green certified printer - a meaningful physical artifact in a digital world.

As a girl from an immigrant family and suffering from identity crisis on a regular basis, the Project Wayfinder made me acknowledge myself. The session unobscured the good qualities in me which I had never let myself recognize.
— Kiara - Student, Peninsula Bridge, CA


Laid out as a set of 32 "big life questions", each activity is designed as an hour-long lesson containing experiential activities, personal reflection, group discussion and real world social experiments. Three core chapters guide students along a journey to understand what is meaningful to them and how they would like to contribute to the world they are a part of.

Wayfinder Journey Track (with questions)-02.png

teacher resources

All educators who implement Wayfinder in their classroom will be given access to extensive digital resources providing 32+ hours of in-class programming.

Facilitation Guides

Each Wayfinder activity is accompanied by a comprehensive, downloadable Facilitation Guide containing a 45-60 minute lesson plan, background research, experiential opening activity, group discussion questions, and social experiments to explore the topic.

Additional Media

Deepen the Wayfinder classroom experience with our multimedia resources:
     -   6-minute mindfulness recordings
     -   A set of 26 quick warm-up activities
     -   Music playlists to Create Focus, Build Community and Energize
     -   Curated lists of articles, books, podcasts, films + art
- Optional add-on coaching and classroom visits

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